What is my body saying?

It is my belief that we create all illness in our body.

I see the body as a mirror of our inner thoughts and beliefs. Every cell within our body responds to every single thought we think. If our thoughts are happy, positive and accepting we build bodies which are flexible, firm and healthy.

Healthy thoughts create healthy bodies.

When our thoughts are inflexible or negative we build blocks in our body.

When we hold a part of our body in tension or fear, the blood, oxygen and energy cannot reach that part of the body and we create blocks. Wherever there is such a blockage, a physical manifestation will eventually occur.

When we are angry, blood churns to the part of the body where we hold the feelings. If we don’t express the feelings in a healthy way, the energy has nowhere to go and over time will manifest as disease in the physical body.

If we are irritated by something or someone and are either unconscious of it or not doing anything to change the situation, the body will draw it to your attention by giving you something that itches.

So when we are ill at ease, we create disease.

Our bodies never lie; they directly reflect what is really going on at an unconscious level. I will give you some examples to help you understand the simplicity of your body:

  • Bones represent our core beliefs, so if you break a bone there is a split or conflict within you

  • We cloth our bones with our thoughts and emotions. When we have twisted, tense, rigid thoughts, we knot, sprain or tense our muscles

  • Our skin is our individuality

  • Our legs lead us in a direction

  • Our knees represent our pride and ego

  • Our thighs are our past - either childhood or past lives

  • Our hips protect our sexuality

  • Putting on a tummy indicates a need to protect ourselves emotionally

  • Our shoulders carry our burdens

  • Our arms are what we hold on with and grab the experiences of life.

  • Your breast represents nurturing

Your body tells you what you need to learn.

Take notice of where any part of your body is manifesting. Be aware of where and why you cut your finger or why you twisted your knee. Evaluate what is going on, has your thinking become rigid or negative. Are there huge emotions attached to the injury or illness? Remember not to judge yourself: blocks are only stepping stones to a solution. The main focus is change, even if you feel bad things have happened to you, turn it around and see what you have learnt from the experience and allow yourself to grow in health and spirit.

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