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Healing Inside Out

 Healing Inside Out is a self-growth workshop that expands your awareness of yourself as a spiritual being and helps you live your life from a more empowered level of consciousness. 

Healing Inside Out is grounded in the Universal Truth that your essential Self, the foundation of your beingness, is spiritual in origin and nature. 

Healing Inside Out acknowledges the fact that you are a Soul, an eternal, individual spark of Light and Consciousness who has come out of the All That Is, to experience reality at all its many levels and dimensions.

All the rest of who and what you are flows from your spiritual nature. Your mind, your emotions, your ego, your personality and your physical body are extensions of your spiritual nature. They are the formed vehicles through which your, as an embodied Soul, experience life and through which you grow and mature to your full capacity and abilities as a spiritual being.

In practical everyday terms, Healing Inside Out helps you to be clearer about what is important to you, to be free, confident and empowered to live your life with authenticity, to know your true self-worth, to be compassionate toward self and others, to be a positive force within your own life and for others, and so much more.​

In this sacred space workshop you will:

  • Have the opportunity to share and express in a safe and sacred space

  • Gain an understanding of your core beliefs and the human scale of emotions

  • Connect and honor your inner child’s feelings, needs and desires

  • Learn techniques for safely releasing your feelings

  • Understand timeline family constellations so you can see the patterning and eperience profound levels of love and compassion for ourselves and others

  • Discover tools to help you heal your wounds such as inner dialogue, Journaling and asking the right questions

  • Learn the law of detachment and forgiveness so you can release resentments

  • Energetic alignment to help you move the energy through your body and gain energetic balance and grounding

Bali   Ubud

2nd November - th November 2024

Private room $2100     Deposite of $420

Twin shared rooms $1800    Deposite of $360

To reserve your place we will be taking a 20% deposite

please click on Feel well, Be well for more details 

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