Healing the inner child

Did you know our belief system is developed by the ages?

Birth – 5yrs : 50% of emotional programming has been developed

5yrs – 7yrs : 80% of emotional programming has been developed

7yrs – 18yrs : 95% of emotional programming has been developed

That leaves 5% that is able to learn, re-evaluate and make new choices to go back and change the other 95%.

Most people today do not appreciate the concept of the inner child, nor do they realise that what they experienced in their childhood may still be effecting them in all their relationships today with family, friends, loved ones and colleagues.

We are often still interacting and viewing life’s events from our childhood perspectives.

Our inner child is still a part of us, every experience we have ever had is a part of us . Many people say I don’t remember my childhood, but many people remember so much.

And yet all memories of the past are held within our bodies at a cellular level and are still active even if you don’t remember.

We call this cellular memory. Quite often not remembering is a way we protect ourselves from hurt, or experiences which we don’t want to deal with and would rather forget. But unfortunately, when we switch off feelings and memories and push away the uncomfortable, we also switch off the ability to feel completely whole and good.

One of the most powerful tools you can use to find peace and happiness, and realise your goals and dreams, is to develop a strong relationship with your inner child.

To nurture and understand. To let go false beliefs - beliefs that do not support your authentic self. You were born perfect, exactly how you are meant to be, and you need to let go of being what others and originally what your parents and carers expected from you. It all started with being born a perfect innocent infant and ends when you know that.

Through my Emotional Healing Sessions, we explore the core beliefs you developed in childhood - beliefs that affect your life right now - and resolve them so you can lead a passionate and fulfilling life.

To book in for one of my sessions, click here.

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