We all at some point of our lives need some form of counselling. Sometimes we gain it from our friends and family and sometimes we need it from a professional.


Counselling is an ideal way to help and assist individuals, couples and families in overcoming their stress, limitations and personal traumas.  Counselling works because it gives you the space and tools to work through your personal issues in a safe, caring, non-bias fashion.

Our counsellors are focused on, and committed to, assisting you holistically while on your journey, and working through your own personal issues, so that you can gain greater happiness in life. 


Counselling will help you gain or create the 'tools' necessary to find ways to think more clearly, develop self-love, let go of limitations and make better choices, leaving you feeling happier and feeling better about yourself.

Totally Active Healing Centre

312A The Entrance Rd,
Long Jetty NSW 2261

P: (02) 4333 1231

Opening Hours

Tues - Sat      9.30am - 4.00pm

Sun              10.00am - 3.00pm

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