The Law of Cause & Effect

There is a universal law that affects everyone and everything in every moment : the Law of Cause and Effect.

This law has been taught by many of the greatest teachers in our history, and variations of it have been expressed in other belief systems and religions. Fro example, “as you sow, so shall you reap”, “an eye for an eye” and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

This law has also been known as karma.

When we understand that everything in the universe is energy and therefore everything is connected, we begin to understand that what happens to one thing must effect another thing.

Remember that old saying, “what you give is what you get” ?

When we really understand this universal law - which, unlike man made laws, cannot be changed - we begin to understand the need for 100% personal responsibility for every thought, word and action we have.

Often people are living their lives reacting to one event after another. They presume life is just a random series of circumstances and they must deal with what life throws at them. They are unaware that they are directly responsible for each event that appears in their life, created from their every word, thought and action.

This law affects you every day, in every way.

The way you think and act, relates not only to other people and other creature,s but how you relate to yourself. How well you treat or abuse your body? What do you eat and drink and fuel your body with? How do you talk to yourself with your inner voice?

In every way, you create the causes, and then reap the effects.

Ask yourself: how do you respond to challenging situations and events? Do you always have feelings and thoughts of lack, resentment, anger or fear? Know that these thought will return to you and work against you and your soul’s purpose.

Learn to live with faith just like we trust in gravity, become aware of what you’re thinking, and focus on thoughts and actions of love, prosperity and forgiveness. Know that the law of cause and effect will work in harmony for you - they are not some big-bag parent in the sky waiting to take you down.

What would it be like to respond to a situation with hope and trust? And know that as you do that, the same must be coming back to you?

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