Alkalizing your mind

Today we are becoming more aware of how important it is to keep an alkaline diet and restore a healthy ph balance in our bodies. We recognise that a lot of our foods and drinks are poisoning our bodies through their high levels of acid.

And though this ‘alkalizing’ is mostly being applied to our bodies - what food and drinks should I be consuming? - I always like to remind people that while it is great to do this for the body, we also need to do it for our minds.

Because I strongly believe that our thoughts are more powerful when it comes to affecting our bodies - they, too, can poison our bodies.

You could be eating the healthiest organic diet but be stressed out to the max, unable to cope with your emotions and negative thought patterns. This releases high amounts of toxins in your body and unbalances any good you may have added by a healthy diet, and exercise.

We need to create a life style where the emotions you feel on a daily basis is of fun, joy and tranquility. For when we are experiencing those ‘high vibration’ emotions, we are encouraging an alkaline-mind.

There are four areas of our being that will contribute to the alkaline levels in our bodies:

1. What you focus on creates your reality

You could be focusing on: ‘How will I pay my bills’ or ‘I am so annoyed with the dog barking next door’ and get yourself in a thither …. or you could be focused on: ‘How lucky am I to be able to pay bills?’ and ‘How lucky am I to be warned of external activity outside your home by the dog?’. It is up to you to focus on the blessings of the moment instead of negativity.

2.Fuel your body with the ‘right’ stuff

What you do you fuel your body with? Do you feed it highly-nutritious food and drink? Do you exercise? Do you practice deep breathing? If we support our physical body daily with the best ‘fuel’, it will function better without stress.

3. How do you talk to yourself?

Internal language is all about how we talk to ourselves. When some event doesn’t go according to plan, do you immediately try and blame yourself? Someone else? Do you find yourself becoming the ‘victim’, telling yourself that ‘So-and-so made me feel like this!’, or even, ‘This always happens to me…’?

Or do you say nice things like: ‘I’m always lucky!’ or ‘How can I learn from this situation to improve my quality of life and understanding?’

4. Acceptance

I firmly believe that life will show me everything I need to know. Because of this, I use every event as a learning experience, seeing life is perfect. If a situation brings up emotions and you are not comfortable with the emotions, many of us have been ‘taught’ to fight those feelings, or even to shove them waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down deep inside. Instead - when something happens and an emotion comes up, just with it. Let it happen, accept that this is how you actually feel. By allowing that emotion to just be - by honouring it instead of fighting or ignoring it - you can more easily accept and let go of the situation. And when this happens, we grow.

So as you go about your life this week, I invite you to consider: how much of an acid diet do you fill your body with? Do you allow into your mind? Do you notice in your life?

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