Tarot Classes

The Tarot represents the various energies of experiences we all encounter throughout our lives, whether we are rich, poor, male or female. Reading Tarot cards is about connecting to these energies, whether for yourself or another, to find clarity regarding a past, present or future situation.

Ultimately our intuition provides us with our answers, but working with the Tarot allows for a visual representation of what our third eye is seeing and helps us see through our own limited awareness


In this course you will learn the meaning of the major arcana and minor suit cards and develop your understanding of how to use them in a reading.



What the course will cover:


  • Meanings of the major and minor arcana

  • How to conduct a reading with various Tarot spreads

  • How to read the cards intuitively

Date: 6 weeks, Thursday 13th April - 18th May

Time: 7.00pm - 9.00pm

Cost: $250

Totally Active Healing Centre

312A The Entrance Rd,
Long Jetty NSW 2261

P: (02) 4333 1231

Opening Hours

Tues - Sat      9.30am - 4.00pm

Sun              10.00am - 3.00pm

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