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We breath naturally every day to sustain our life but breathig become breathwork when you add energy and attention to the breath. 

In our every day lives, breathing is unconscious; we dont have to think about it. This unconcious breathing rhythm is interconnected with our thoughts and emotional patterns from the past. when you continue breathing in this old way you are essentially re-living your past. By consciously altering your breath through breath work, you are able to create a new rhythm of breathing that releases past conditioning and allows you to become aware and free from limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits.

Benefits of breath work:

  • Activates self healing

  • Increases energy levels

  • Boosts immune system

  • processing emotional pain and trauma

  • reduces stress, anxiety and worry

  • improves confidence in self

  • enhances mental and emotional clarity

  • enhances meditation practice

Breath work is for everyone who would like to live in a more authentic state of self

                                          So, lets go and BREATH...............

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