Heaing Circle

A weekly group exploration of healing & the possibilities available to us all! Work with a range of modalities, including: Meditation, Energy Work, Hands on Healing, Earth Elements, Inner Child  Work, Shadow Work, Colour Therapy, Universal Language & more.


When we spend our energy on the past and future we cover up our natural spontaneity and creativity. We can learn to silence the mind, and discover we have far more potential than we currently believed. Meditation helps us to live in the current moment of Being, and thus can help us to unlock our creative potential.

Tree of Life (Kabbalah)

Kabbalah shows us how to respond to life situations, in order to remove chaos, pain and limiting beliefs. Kabbalistic teachings explain the simplicity of the Universe, as well as the physical and spiritual nature of all humanity. Discover and activate your potential, learn how to create the life you desire.

Healing the Inner Child

Our relationship to ourselves is developed when we are very young, through our interactions with our families & care givers. Join us in this one day workshop and address the past to heal your inner child.

Living an Alkaline Life

Learn practical ways to improve your health, how we develop our limitations, self-mastery over our thoughts and feelings and how to live a holistic life (body, mind and spirit).

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Totally Active Healing Centre

312A The Entrance Rd,
Long Jetty NSW 2261

P: (02) 4333 1231

Opening Hours

Tues - Sat      9.30am - 4.00pm

Sun              10.00am - 3.00pm

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